Our Vision is to make Mexico a disciple of Christ.  To accomplish this, we travel around Mexico to train new and existing disciples, and churches, to multiply.

We train believers:

  • how to be disciples, true followers of Christ – how to be more like Christ in their daily lives.
  • to share their salvation stories and the story of what Jesus has done for them with others.
  • to disciple the people they lead to Christ by using a simple, reproducible, Bible study method that can be held anywhere, and by anyone, including preteens
  • to start small Bible study groups with unbelievers, and train them to multiply the small groups
  • in groups to become Biblical models of churches (Certain criteria has to be met by the members of the small group before it can become a church).

True discipleship can only be accomplished through training and hands-on experience, at the same time.  Model it for them, assist them as the do what they’ve learned, watch them for a time, and then leave them to it.  Then, you do it all over again, and again, and again….