Ebenezer, A True Blessing

Our Visit With Ebenezer Baptist Church in West Union, SC What a privilege it was to visit and share a quick update with Ebenezer Baptist Church, and Pastor Jimmy Boggs in June. They have loved us so well during our health journeys!  Ebenezer began having parking lot services during the pandemic, and this is reaching soContinue reading Ebenezer, A True Blessing

Phil is Preaching Again!

There was a time last year that many of you were praying along with us… “Lord, please preserve Phil’s voice so that he is able to continuepreaching and teaching the gospel!“ Only God could have granted such an amazing answer to that prayer! Here’s a video of Phil preaching his message, Lessons in the Darkness, on Sunday, JulyContinue reading Phil is Preaching Again!

A Glorious Update!

Wow, the last year and a half have been quite a roller coaster ride with both of us having cancer and going through all the treatments in Georgia. However, we are happy to report that Phil’s neck dissection surgery went very well on March 4, and that today, we are both cancer-free! We give allContinue reading A Glorious Update!

February 2022 Update

Have you ever experienced a time when God interrupted your plans? God has definitely interrupted our plans for these past and future months, differently than we would have chosen. Even so, He has clearly guided and provided for us each step of the way. A man’s steps are established by the Lord, and He takesContinue reading February 2022 Update

Cancer diagnosis

I’ve (Jami) just received a breast cancer diagnosis, and will be having surgery as soon as possible here in San Luis Potosi. We praise God that it was caught early. God is providing one of the top doctors in our city, and a good private hospital. After my recovery period, we plan to travel to GeorgiaContinue reading Cancer diagnosis

Transformed by Jesus

Recently, I (Jami) spent much of the time at the ranch Bible studies crying (happy tears)! Here are 3 of the ladies who are lives that have been totally transformed by Jesus. Today, we heard story after story from them of how God is using them to bring their families and community closer to knowing JesusContinue reading Transformed by Jesus

multiplying house churches is critical!

The Problems: Few evangelical churches (buildings) and most are not reaching their communities with the gospel Rural areas lack churches within reach The Solution: Disciples must multiply in (and outside of) homes Your Role and Ours: Lead people to Christ and train them to start house churches

Disciples are making disciples!

In the spring of 2020, God led us to start Covone Ministries’ Project 5,000. Many of our U.S. ministry partners added a special donation for food bags to their monthly gifts. We used this as an opportunity to teach growing believers in the house churches to give to others, while sharing their faith. Covone Ministries supplied the food bags, andContinue reading Disciples are making disciples!