Testimonial by Pastor Stan and Jacki Berrong

We first met Phil & Jami in the fall of 2014 at Pastors & Wives retreat in McDonough, Ga.  This couple shared w/us their love for missions and the country of Mexico.  They went on to tell us of their endeavors to raise support to report to San Luis Potosi, Mexico.  They mentioned about selling their home to relocate to the mission field.  We felt the Lord work on our hearts to personally support them.  This couple gave up all their earthly processions while both in their 50’s to pursue this calling and passion for the mission work in Mexico.   Working with missions and hispanic people was not new to them as they have worked in local hispanic missions while living in McDonough, Ga. for several years.  Phil is the son of a missionary.  His father served many years in Mexico where he grew up and so therefore Phil speaks the language.  They were able to raise enough support to report to the field in 2015.  We were able to visit them in 2016 in San Luis Potosi.  We certainly sensed the love they have for the work there.  Much of their ministry has been one on one.  Phil is able to teach the people who eagerly want to learn English.  He tells them in order to teach them English he would like for them to allow him to share the gospel with them.  Most agree to study with him to learn English and to learn about the Lord.  He spends a great deal of time with these people in discipleship and has therefore built some strong lasting relationships.   We were able to go to a village where he has a group of people they meet with each week.  They have won many to the Lord in this village where a lady invites her family and neighbors to hear the gospel in her home.  Jami is an awesome asset to Phil and his ministry.  You certainly see her love for the people and we saw the love the people have for them as well.  They make a great team together.  Phil & Jami have a calling for this work yet also spend a great deal of time helping a Missionary family, Vidal Videa that we have supported and loved as a church for many years.  Phil is able to interpret for meetings that Vidal has.  They have been a great help to this family who live in San Luis Potosi with their ministry.  I  know that when we get to heaven we will get to meet many that were saved and lives that were changed under the ministry of Phil & Jami Covone.  Not only do we personally support this couple, our church has taken them on for monthly support.  We so believe in this work and are glad to be a part of it.  We are thankful that the Lord knit our hearts together back in 2014. 

Pastor Stan & Jacki Berrong
Glen Haven Baptist Church
McDonough, Ga.
Romans 10:14, 15

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I am a full-time missionary in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. I make and multiply disciples and churches.