Testimonial by Mike Shook

In 2015 some friends at Ellenwood Oaks Community church asked us to pray about making a donation through North Henry Baptist for the mission work the Holy Spirit was doing in Mexico through the Covone family. I had heard the name before when I was at Eagle’s Landing Baptist when the church was working with a local Spanish church in Stockbridge where Phil served as pastor, but I never got involved. However, God used that little “seed” to get my attention at this time. I also respected the work North Henry Baptist does in the community and felt confident in making the donation through their website. My wife and I prayed about it and made what I thought would be a “one time” donation.  The Holy Spirit continued to lay the Covone family on our hearts and I began to communicate with Jami through Facebook. We felt the Holy Spirit directing us to help with a little more funding at various times. We later met Phil and Jami in person when they came to Georgia for a visit and shared what God had placed on their hearts. We were moved by the emphasis on loving adults and children, reading the Bible with people and letting the Holy Spirit do the work in a mission field. Phil teaches Christian disciples to make new disciples for Jesus using the Bible as the road map. We also saw that God had been preparing them for this for a long time as we looked back over the years of their life.  Our family prayed and became monthly partners in the ministry. I am moved by the Covone’s conviction to share the Gospel with the wonderful people in Mexico and their willingness to adapt to life there through many ups and downs. They seek to serve Jesus, depending on Him to meet all needs, and many people in Mexico have accepted Jesus as their Savior. I feel the Holy Spirit is doing a great work in Mexico through the Covone Mission Team and I believe that mission team includes Phil, Jami and those who support them through prayer, funding, etc.  I am thankful that the Lord has given us the resources and vision to be part of the work He is doing in Mexico and other places throughout the world. I encourage all to pray about supporting the Covone Mission Team and Christ’s missions around the world, then let the Holy Spirit direct your path.

God Bless, Mike Shook (and Lauren)

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I am a full-time missionary in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. I make and multiply disciples and churches.