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Jump onboard with one of our projects, all aimed at meeting spiritual and physical needs, the way that Jesus did!

PROJECT: Supply Living Water!

As we spend time in the ranches and villages of San Luis Potosi, we are constantly faced with a reality…
These people don’t have any access to clean water! Most of these impoverished communities are in desserts, and they catch rainwater for daily living.

Good news! God has partnered us with Filter of Hope (FOH), a water missions organization who uses a simple water filter to share the gospel and provide clean water to families all over Latin America.

Our supporters rallied around this project, and now we can supply clean water for families, and use this access to start Bible study groups in their homes. 


We visit a family, demonstrate the water filter, and connect it to a bucket so they can use it. The door is now open for us to return, build relationships, begin a Bible study and ongoing discipleship in their home, and empower them to reach their families for Christ!

There’s more! As part of our partnership… Filter of Hope is forming mission teams to bring down to Mexico, and help us reach these families!

How can you help? “Contact us” at the top of this page to say you’d like to come to San Luis Potosi on a short-term mission trip to help us!

Jesus said, “but whoever drinks of the water that I shall give him will never thirst. But the water that I shall give him will become in him a fountain of water springing up into everlasting life.”
John 4:14


PROJECT: La Pólvora

La Pólvora is a small, dessert, agricultural community in which we have been working since May 2016. It’s located about an hour and a half north of our city.

  • It has never had an evangelical work there until we brought the Gospel to them a year and a half ago.
  • The poverty and illiteracy levels are very high.
  • There is no running, potable water in the entire community.
  • There is no immediate medical help, phone or internet service.

How can you help? Make a designated donation toward:

  • Donations toward food boxes that we make for taking to the poor, along with the gospel
  • Powermate 3500 watt generator $16,685 pesos ($876.96 USD)*There are places we take the Gospel where there is no power, or homes do not have the power necessary to do what we need to do.  The generator will be used to:
    • power music equipment and lights for evangelistic events, where power is not available
    • power equipment for block parties and other children’s events

PROJECT: Loving  God, Loving Others

Loving God, Loving Others is a nonprofit organization in Mexico, started by the Covones, that strives to meet the spiritual, physical, emotional, and material needs of Christians and non-Christians alike.  It exists to:

  • Take the Gospel to those who have not heard
    *Starting Bible Study groups in communities and rural areas
    *Holding Evangelistic Events
    *Holding Children’s Events
  • Giving out Bibles
  • Take food to those in desperate time of need
    *Large stores in our area occasionally donate left-over food to our nonprofit
    *Occasionally, we purchase food for those who have no resource
  • Take clothing to those in need
  • Bring free medical and dental help from the U.S. and here in Mexico to those in need
  • Take the Gospel to prisons and rehabilitation centers
  • Care for the mentally handicapped in a local prison by contributing food, hygiene items, winter coats, and blankets
  • Partner with local, Christian, business owners to get youth off the streets by teaching them a trade

How can you help? Make a donation toward:

  • Donations toward food boxes that we make for taking to the poor, along with the gospel
  • Donations toward Bibles for new believers
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