La PĆ³lvora Ranch, San Luis Potosi, Mexico


YOU can help supply clean water, and the gospel, to families here in San Luis Potosi in central Mexico!

Here’s How the MISSION TRIPS Work:

*FILTER OF HOPE (FOH) puts together a mission team of 10-15 people. This may be a group from a church, a Christian school, or a group of friends. Or it may be a “few people” that FOH adds to another “few people” from somewhere else that do not know each other, to form a mission team of 10-15.

*Ahead of time, FOH sets the price, collects the funds from the mission team, arranges the airfare, and some other details. Phil and Jami arrange things on the Mexico side: accommodations, meals, interpreters, transportation, and the itinerary.

*Before your departure, FOH prepares and trains the mission team in how to use the water filter to share the gospel, and more.

*A FOH trip leader brings the mission team to San Luis Potosi, and leads them during the trip. Phil and Jami go everywhere with the group and participate with the group. Groups also visit some of the Christian churches here, have opportunities to share their testimony if desired, and more.

*Mission teams visit some of the Cathedrals, learn about the Mexican culture, religious traditions, and oppositions to the gospel, as well as how to apply this learning to make a difference for the gospel after their return home.

*Trips are for 6 days, departing on a Saturday, returning on a Friday. Trips can be planned to take place between February and August each year.

*An estimate of the trip cost is $750 + airfare (varies depending on the departure city). For most trips booked so far, this has been $1,780. FOH sets up the flights. The cost includes accommodations, transportation, 3 meals/day, and interpreters.

*Rather than staying in a hotel, you will stay in the Pozos Mission Headquarters (training center) where we live! We have beds and everything ready for you!

Enjoy these pictures of some of the areas where we take water filters and share the gospel!