Donate to the personal and ministry support of Phil and Jami Covone:


Donations for personal & ministry support go through Mission Quest.

(Click on “Project: H.O.M.E.” in order to donate to that project. Otherwise, donate below.) 

Here are several ways you can donate to Covone Ministries through Mission Quest:

1)    Online Donations for the Covones personal & ministry support: Click HERE to Give Online  (one-time or recurring)

Donating online is the fastest and most efficient way to support us and to ensure that the funds get to us in a timely manner.

Mission Quest has implemented cutting-edge technology in their website to ensure the security and safety of your financial information.

  • We are able to receive donations directly from your bank account with no fee. Just CLICK HERE, and enter your bank info.
    *Here are further directions if needed: How to Donate via my Bank Account
  • For more info on all of the ways to donate online: Payment Methods
  • For donations via credit or debit card, we pay a 3% fee.
  • By donating through Mission Quest,, you have full and easy access to info on all of your donations to Covone Ministries! You can view your giving history, edit your info, change your payment method, dates, or anything else you desire!
  • When you donate online you will receive a contribution receipt via email moments after you place your donation. Also, we receive an email each time a donation is made!

2)    Off-line Donations for the Covones personal & ministry support: (Checks or money orders)

  • Make checks payable to “Mission Quest”
    *Write our account #148 in the memo line, (no other info)
  • Mail checks to:
    Mission Quest
    P.O. Box 558191
    Chicago, IL. 60655

*Please do NOT write our names on the check, only write our account  #148.

3)    Other ways to Donate: If you prefer to donate by using other methods, please contact the home office at Mission Quest by email at, or by phone at 773-998-3878, to discuss this with them in more detail.

At the close of each year, Mission Quest will mail you a statement for all your contributions. This statement can be reported to the IRS for tax purposes. All donations to Mission Quest are tax-deductible to the limit allowed by law.

How to Missionaries Operate?

Did You Know?

Missionaries operate in a similar way to business entrepreneurs.

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  1. God gave us a vision and mission to follow in taking the gospel to Mexico.
  2. God brought investors like you to provide prayer and funding to bring His vision to reality.
  3. We’re currently living full-time in Mexico, carrying out God’s vision and mission.
  4. Since our investors/partners pray and give funds, they are a large part of sharing the life-changing gospel.

YOU can be a part of something bigger than yourself and spread the light of the gospel to the nations.

When YOU pray for God’s work in Mexico and give of YOUR hard-earned money, YOU are quite literally investing in the growth of God’s kingdom.

We are backed individuals, families, businesses and churches, just like YOU, with prayer and funds.  This is a beautiful picture of the body of Christ working together!

If YOU are part of our network, YOU are with us everyday as we lead Bible studies in people’s homes, hold evangelistic events, baptize new believers, and teach the people of Mexico to win and disciple their own people in the ways of Jesus.

Which type of donor would you like to be?

  1.  A Monthly Investor
    The work of the Lord in San Luis Potosi could not go on without timely, consistent giving. Faithful funds are needed for food, housing, gasoline, and ministry needs. Is God is calling you to be a monthly investor?
  2.  An Occasional Donor
    Occasional funds given are used for special projects, equipment needs, printing of training materials, travel expenses to other states to train in evangelism and discipleship, and many other ministry needs.

What is your passion in the missions arena? We’d love to talk with you more about how God can use your passion and calling through Covone Ministries! Contact us through email, and we’ll call you at your convenience.

THANK YOU for investing in God’s Kingdom through us!

We can’t wait to see all that God will do through YOUR willingness to be a part of His work in San Luis Potosi, Mexico!