Project 5000

In Project 5000 is a vision that God gave the Covones to help relieve the hunger needs with families who are out of work due to COVID in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. Taking food bags to the elderly widows, and single moms with children is such a blessing. Thanks to our ministry partners’ donations for foodContinue reading Project 5000


Yasir is mentally handicapped, can’t read, and doesn’t go to school. He lives at a rural ranch outside of our city, and he comes alone to our Bible study every Friday there. He feels too old to be in the children’s group, so he stays with Phil who teaches the adults. Yasir loves Phil soContinue reading Yasir

Children in Mexico

Did you know that many children in Mexico 🇲🇽 are sent by their parents to this type of church to learn the religious traditions and how to worship the Virgin Guadalupe? Pray that the gospel of Jesus 📖 will become the Truth that sticks in their hearts and minds instead! 🙏🏻 “Be careful that noContinue reading Children in Mexico