Fifth Wheel Fund

Fundraiser for Fifth Wheel Repairs Continues God is able to provide the funds to finish the plan He started! Our most immediate need is…The remaining funds to finish repairs currently being made to the donated 2008 fifth wheel. This will fill the need for rent-free housing at the Texas/Mexico border each time we drive thereContinue reading Fifth Wheel Fund

Demons are Real!

Demons Are Real! (by Phil)     As we got started at a recent Bible study, I noticed that a young woman was sitting behind me, by a wall apart from the circle. I didn’t think much about it and got things started with prayer as we usually do. A few of the participants are new Christians whoContinue reading Demons are Real!

Amazon Smile: An Easy Way to Support Covone Ministries

Do you use Amazon? Are you already connected to your favorite charity? If yes, you use Amazon, and no, you aren’t already connected to a charity… consider connecting to Philip G. Covone Evangelistic Association (aka Covone Ministries), and Amazon will donate 0.5% of each of your orders to our work in Mexico! Thank you!!

Victories & Tragedy at the Ranch

Juana, a new believer in our ranch church, suffered a terrible tragedy recently. However, God is using it for the good of the people there, and for His glory!

Why is Baptism so Difficult?

Understanding scripture when you’ve lived all your life without ever opening or hearing from a Bible is not easy. Especially when you’ve been indoctrinated with lies from a man-made religion.

The “Holy Death” Cult

The growing cult of the Holy Death is easily seen in many neighborhoods of San Luis Potosi, as the people create temples for the purpose of praying to the Holy Death.