Cancer diagnosis

I’ve (Jami) just received a breast cancer diagnosis, and will be having surgery as soon as possible here in San Luis Potosi. We praise God that it was caught early. God is providing one of the top doctors in our city, and a good private hospital.

After my recovery period, we plan to travel to Georgia for some thorough medical check-ups, then to return to Mexico.

Please ask God specifically for:

  • Our family in the U.S. 
  • Provisions to complete our fifth-wheel fund (see below) by March 1 to provide us with a “mobile home” while in the U.S. for treatment
  • Courage for Phil’s disciples here as they continue to make disciples
  • A soon return to Mexico 

We have felt the Lord’s presence through every step. We will endure this trial with full faith and joy in our forever faithful Father!


After pouring over our budget, and praying a lot, God has shown us a way to drastically cut yearly ministry expenses.

NeedA place to stay when we travel to the Texas border, and other states, for supplies and deputation (raising support). (We sold everything we had in the states, before moving to Mexico in 2015.)

*Trips to the U.S. are costly. 

  • Airline tickets are upwards of $800 each
  • Free options to spend nights in multiple states are non-existent
  • Hotel stays are too expensive to consider
  • Each trip is stressful wondering where we will stay in various states 

Best Solution:
A fifth-wheel RV
 to keep in Texas and use when we’re in the U.S.

*Melody Lane Christian Renewal Center (at the Texas/Mexico border) has offered us a place to park a fifth-wheel RV!

  • We already have the Jesus truck for pulling it
  • It will would save ministry funds, short and long term 
  • It will provide free housing when we come to the border for:
    -Bibles, water filters, and other supplies
    -training pastors/church leaders on the TX side of the border
    -visiting churches and ministry partners in multiple states
    -our medical needs

February 2021 Update:
Fundraising Goal: $45,000
Funds we have as of now: $10,000

   -Connecting us with a Christian business, church, or individual who is looking for a worthy mission to give to
   -Praying and/or giving as God leads

Thank you for partnering with us to be good stewards of God’s resources!

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I am a full-time missionary in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. I make and multiply disciples and churches.