Access ministry: water filters

Nothing happens by accident!

We met A.J. in Mission, Texas one November, and he has been working hard to raise money for water filters for Covone Ministries ever since!
The filter attaches to a bucket or container, and purifies up to 150 gallons of water per day, for up to 10 years!

Water filters are an access ministry that we use to help us meet families and build relationships. They meet a huge physical need, and the gospel meets the spiritual need. Covone Ministries uses water filters as an access ministry… a way to meet families. Their physical need for clean water is met, and their spiritual needs can be met when they hear the gospel shared.

Every water filter is accompanied by a gospel presentation, and our offer to come to their home and read God’s Word with them. If they accept, we give each family member a Bible, and continue weekly as long as they are willing. It’s amazing to see the Holy Spirit open the eyes and hearts of the people when they read His Word! It takes time, it’s not easy, by any means. Sometimes, people aren’t willing to leave their traditional religion for a relationship with Christ, but sometimes they are. This is when we get to see them accept Christ and be baptized!

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