Disciples are making disciples!

In the spring of 2020, God led us to start Covone Ministries’ Project 5,000. Many of our U.S. ministry partners added a special donation for food bags to their monthly gifts. We used this as an opportunity to teach growing believers in the house churches to give to others, while sharing their faith. Covone Ministries supplied the food bags, and these believers began taking them into their communities!

One example is when Phil asked Mireya to make a list of the people in her community who were in dire need of food. She listed over 35 families including the elderly, single moms, and the disabled, and began taking food bags to them while sharing the gospel! Mireya is now leading her own Bible study group, and we go there (an hour and half away) to support her as often as possible.

The photo below shows the list of people who attended her group last Friday, the passage they read and discussed, and their commitments to sharing their story and the story of Jesus with others!

God is making the book of Acts come alive in San Luis Potosi, Mexico… right before our eyes!

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I am a full-time missionary in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. I make and multiply disciples and churches.