Demons are Real!

Demons Are Real! (by Phil)
     As we got started at a recent Bible study, I noticed that a young woman was sitting behind me, by a wall apart from the circle. I didn’t think much about it and got things started with prayer as we usually do. A few of the participants are new Christians who have not yet been baptized, so the topic of our Bible study was baptism. We read scriptures about the change that takes place in a Christian’s life after salvation. 

     At the end, when I asked if anyone had any other questions, this young woman behind me quickly spoke up and went on an evil tirade against her mother who was in the group. There was pure evil in her eyes, yet she smiled, while she spewed evil hatred towards her mother. Her mother just sat and cried as everyone who listened seemed frightened. When I tried to calm her and speak to her, she only got louder and more hateful.

     We’ve seen this behavior in people before, and it was clear that the demons were trying to scare the new believers into not being baptized. However, the power of the Holy Spirit came over the young woman’s mother who looked at me with tears in her eyes and fearlessly said, “I am not afraid. I will be obedient to God, and I will be baptized.” Praise God for her boldness in the midst of persecution!

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