A Video Overview of Covone Ministries – 2019

God has blessed Covone Ministries immensely in 2019!

Many people in San Luis Potosi, Mexico have come to the feet of Jesus, and have had their lives transformed.

Now, more and more pastors and Christians are becoming open to a new way of making disciples… in homes. Many are wanting to be trained in how to do this simple, reproducible Bible study, and teach new believers to multiply themselves. And so… Covone Ministries moved into a house/training center they call the Pozos Mission HQ, a place where Christians in Mexico can come and be trained and served, then go back to their cities and multiply!

The La Polvora ranch Bible study is now meeting twice each week, on it’s on, not dependent on missionaries. They participate in the same Bible study they always have, lead it themselves, and give accountability to the group. They are ready to multiply!

New Bible study groups have been started south of the city, in the municipality of Zaragoza. The group is led by a Mexican believer, and Phil Covone is the overseer (like Paul in the New Testament).

Filter of Hope short-term mission teams are forming to come to the Pozos Mission HQ in San Luis Potosi, and go out with the Covones to share clean water and the gospel with families all around the state.

God has expanded Covone Ministries and is providing the needs to grow the work in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. To God be the glory!

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I am a full-time missionary in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. I make and multiply disciples and churches.