Announcing the… Pozos Mission HQ

Now that we’re moved in and settled at the house/training center, and have prayed for God to give us a name for it. We’ve named it “Pozos Mission Headquarters”! The pueblo we’re in is called “Villa de Pozos”, (but many call it Pozos), and it’s definitely a multipurpose mission headquarters! We’ve already used it for so many mission purposes in only these few weeks!

We now have a place to store all of the water filters and buckets, tables, chairs and tents to take out places for evangelism and Bible study groups, cases of Bibles, kids materials and games, and so much more. Also, we’ve hosted two missionary families so far, and have been able to encourage them in the work we all do!

Probably the most important is hosting the Mexican people here for the purpose of teaching, training, planning, and empowering them to reach their own people for Christ! Sometimes for a day, sometimes for several days and nights. The Lord gave us this furnished rental house, complete with 2 beds in each of the 4 guest rooms! 

What a blessing to host Mexican families who come for Bible study, training and planning, and for making connections in order to sow the gospel more effectively here. This is our constant mission… to grow God’s Kingdom in Mexico, and to empower these people to do the same!  YOU can participate in this project, we need you! Just click on Project: H.O.M.E. on this website and read how!

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I am a full-time missionary in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. I make and multiply disciples and churches.