Seven Came to Christ!

The Holy Spirit of God defies all logic! Sunday’s course of events at the ranch were a classic example of this.
-the 2 Covone Ministries volunteers who usually go and help us couldn’t go today. 
-God filled their seats in the Jesus truck with Erika and 5 children. Erika gave her testimony for the first time, and all 5 children received Christ as their Savior. 
-Lito hasn’t come to the Bible study in weeks, but today he showed up and gave his life to Jesus. 
-Victor came to the group for the first time today, ripe and ready to receive Christ as his Savior, which he did. 
-Our method is an interactive Bible study where people discover God through reading and discussing scripture. But today, since the children stayed with the adults, we read the story of Zacheus, and Phil ”retold” it in the animated way that he does so well.
-We finished up with everyone praising God that Jesus values all people, and with 7 new believers!!

Conclusion: We Christians think we have things all figured out. We make our plans. Our way is the best way. But really… we got nothing. Only the Lord, in His way and His time, and with His miraculous power can rescue people from themselves and their old lives, and give them new life. We’re still learning, but today was AMAZING!!

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