Using a Water Filter to Share the Gospel

The man pictured here lives at a ranch with no running water, and where bottled water is unavailable. In desperation, the people often drink rainwater (it hasn’t rained in this area in more than 6 months), or from a deposit where the cows drink. Sickness is common.

Recently, we visited this man’s home, and Phil explained the gospel using a water filter. (The dirty water is our sinful hearts, the filter is Jesus Christ, and the clean water is our lives after salvation.) Thanks to funds given by our donors, we were able to give a water filter to his family.

During our visit, the man explained that he doesn’t need Jesus because he already has a “guide” for life, his idols, and he prays to them everyday. He, like most people in Mexico, pray to images and likenesses of religious figures, hoping they can earn passage to heaven. Please pray for this man to hunger for Jesus, our only true “guide”, who gave His life so that we can have a personal relationship with him.

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