Water Filters Open Doors

Thank you to everyone who donated for the water filters we are taking to the rural areas! We are going house to house, and using them to share the gospel with families.

God is using these water filters to open doors and hearts! Here’s a God-story that our donors helped to happen!

Recently, as Consuelo was washing her family’s clothes under the mesquite tree, we stopped by to visit she and her daughter, Estefany. Both of them committed to follow Christ last year while attending a Bible study group that we started in their area. However, last April, when we had planned to have a baptism, Consuelo became very afraid, and backed out.

Baptism is a big undertaking in these rural areas, because there is no water source in this desert area. We have to purchase some water (from a reservoir for livestock) and have it put into a cistern at our friend Simon’s property, then fill the baptism pool with it! (We used to do this bucketful by bucketful, until Phil’s sisters bought us a pump!)

On this particular day, we talked with Consuelo again about baptism. Please pray that they will both be baptized on our next baptism day, May 5. She has been persecuted by her family for being a Christian, and being baptized could cause her to be shunned and rejected from their gatherings.

Right now, Consuelo and Estefany are at their house alone because her husband (pray for his salvation, he’s been asking questions) is in another city. When we asked how they were doing on food and water, she was very shy in her response… they barely have anything to eat.

A large container of bottled water for cooking and drinking, lasts them only 2 days and is 25 pesos to purchase, (very difficult to afford), and often the little stores around them are out of it. God spoke clearly, “give her your demonstration bucket and water filter.” So we did. It was the last one we had with us. They agreed to pose for this photo to thank the people in the U.S. who donated for them!

This week, we’ll be taking a despensa box to this family, filled with bags of rice, dried beans, oil, canned tuna, and sugar. Please pray for this family!

“Keep on loving one another as brothers and sisters.” Hebrews 13:1

The dirty water in the bucket represents our unclean hearts from sin. The filter represents Christ, who cleans our hearts when we turn to Him. The clean water that comes out of the filter represents our clean hearts and lives after Christ cleans us!

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