Día de Muertos, Day of the Dead

For days now, we’ve been hearing the Día de Muertos celebration fireworks, (which sound like bombs going off, by the way), even during the nights… a reminder of the culture that we now live in.

Some say that Day of the Dead celebrations, filled with sugar candy skulls, Day of the Dead bread, and colorful flowers, are only a cultural way to honor loved ones who have gone on into eternity.


But living here has taught us that for many, this is a serious spiritual event. We see people gathering in vigils outside their homes to pray for those who have departed on their “spiritual paths”. They build and decorate altars to commemorate their deceased relatives, and place favorite foods and personal items of the deceased on that altar, hoping that “the spirits” will bless their departed loved ones.

Yellow Marigold flowers are thought to help lead spirits of their relatives back from the cemetery to their family homes, and are used to decorate the altars.

Long lines of people are seen purchasing flowers at the entrance to the cemeteries, waiting to go and visit the graves of their loved ones.

We believe the key to helping people learn the truth about God is in them reading or hearing Bible truths. Only God’s Word, the blood of Jesus Christ, and the power of the Holy Spirit can break the traditional and spiritual strongholds of the people of Mexico. Please pray for us, the messengers, to share the gospel effectively!



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