Spiritual Warfare in a Bible Study Group

Again today (August 31, 2018), God showed us His power!! Last week, Maria (pictured with Jami), after a spiritual battle and lots of crying, surrendered her life to Jesus.

Maria accepted Jesus as her Savior!

Today, her daughter Victoria (in the photo, sitting in the chair as Phil prayed for her), came to our Bible study, but she cried the entire time, walked away from the group once, then came back but sat at a distance. At the end, I was able to tell her that I could see the spiritual battle that was going on inside her. Phil told her that whenever she decided to surrender to Jesus, he would help her if she wanted.

Then it started…
She asked, “Why is it that when I go to a Catholic Church or Christian Church, my stomach hurts terribly and I feel like vomiting and running?” Phil explained that the enemy is fighting for her. He asked, “Have you been to the Temple to the Holy Death?” (Santa Muerte, Satanic worship that is common here)

Santa Muerte

Victoria began to struggle to speak, but finally said, yes, she had. We told her, that’s the problem. Phil explained spiritual warfare, and that she had a choice. The Bible says, choose this day whom you will serve.

We all gathered around her, praying and telling Satan to flee from Victoria. When Phil ask her if she was willing to surrender all to Jesus, she said, “I can’t, I can’t say it!” Phil said, “Fight, Victoria, you can call out to Him, and He will save you!” She began choking. Finally, Victoria called out to Jesus to save her!! 🙌🏻

There was a calm, though everyone was still crying, and Victoria’s eyes began to roll. She said, “I’m blind, I can’t see.” Phil prayed for her again, asking the Lord to give her her sight so she can go home and take care of he children. A calm came over her, she opened her eyes, and smiled! 😊

Please pray for Maria and Victoria, and the other ladies, Mireya and Antonia, as they are all new believers. The persecution there is strong. But we see such progress in them standing up for their Savior! Only God could bring this victory today! 🙌🏻 🙏

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