“I’m Trembling, but I Have Peace!”

The Holy Spirit really showed us His power last Thursday night! We were invited to the home of a lady that we lead to the Lord at a Bible study in our home 2 years ago. IMG_2409For 2 years we’ve been praying for the opportunity to be in this home because we knew this family was seeking God! Finally, in His perfect time, God answered!





We were welcomed by a sign on the door that read, “Welcome, the Word of God!”


After some small talk, we read Matthew 14, Phil told the story of Peter walking on water, and we discussed faith and how easy it is to take our eyes off Jesus. Then, our friend’s sister (who had appeared angry and was quiet) began to cry and confess things she’d been doing that hurt her 3 children, her mom, and sister. Soon, most of us were crying. We read scriptures about God’s love and forgiveness.

Phil asked her if she wanted to ask God for forgiveness, and follow Christ, and she prayed the most tearful, heartfelt and long prayer! Then, she said, “I’m trembling, but I have peace!” It was very evident that the enemy had a hold on her at first, but God’s power broke through and she was freed from her past! Thank you Lord, for showing us Your glory! What an honor!

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