“Then Jesus said, “Leave the children alone, and don’t try to keep them from coming to Me, because the kingdom of heaven is made up of people like this.””

On April 30th, we celebrated El Día Del Niño (Kid’s Day) here, in Mexico.  It is a great time in which parents, schools, and churches celebrate children. Parents who are able take their children to a mall, a movie, or a favorite restaurant.  Schools have big parties, and churches have special events for their children.  However, this is not the case for many, many children.

There are children who live in far away and hard to get to places who have, along with their families, been marginalized by their government and people in the bigger cities. These kids and their families live in small, desert, arid, farming communities where there is no running water.  Their schools don’t have the financial resources to give them big parties, nor do their parents.  So, then, what do we do? We take the party to them!  Here are some pictures of some of the children that came to the party…






This children were so happy to get cold pizza, to do crafts, to play games, and to hear the Gospel of Jesus.  Probably their most favorite was the puppet show that was given by some of our volunteers! This day was a huge treat for these children, and they absolutely loved it!

As the children were having fun, I had a Bible study with their parents.  We talked about the Bible and the importance of trusting it above all other books in the world.  They heard things about God and the Bible that they’d never heard before; and I watched as the Holy Spirit began working in their hearts and minds.


It was a great time for everyone!  Please pray that God will open the hearts and minds of the people of our state, San Luis Potosi, so that they might be saved.  Thank you.


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